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About my work


My work has focused on the theme of "emptiness" as expressed in Zen philosophy.

The Heart Sutra, a popular Buddhist scripture, contains the phrase "Form is emptiness, Emptiness is form" (色即是空、空即是色).

"Form" (色) refers to all matter in the universe that has shape.

"Emptiness" (空) refers to the void that occurs between entities of substance.

All entities in this world exist only by a concatenation of cause and effect, their shape defined by emptiness. And emptiness is bound by the existence of all things with form.

Form is nothing more than emptiness, emptiness is nothing more than form.


The world comprises not only the visible, but also that which cannot been seen. Although it is hard to be conscious of the existence of such invisible things, I think that their importance in our lives cannot be denied. In my work, I would like to give form to those intangible things that could not otherwise be physically grasped.


Recently, I have become interested in "visual imagination", especially through the evocation of color.

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